A word about blend4web files. When you click on these, there are made for web files that are for a modern browser. If your using an older IE browser it may not work, so I would suggest you use Chrome. The technology in most modern browser it uses is webgl.

These files should allow you to move the objects around. If you left click on the image, and drag your mouse around you will see what I am talking about. Also using the mouse wheel will allow you to go back and forth.

It should be able to be seen on most smartphone and tablets. I have tested it with Samsung S3, S5 and Iphone 4,5,6. Plus I had many others test it as well. Sometimes older versions of tablets and phones you will need to reload. I find chrome browser works best in these cases.

I am also looking on using the blend4web sdk to build into a 3d mapping. I am going to start small with a city like Jenks, Ok. But move into a bigger project like Downtown, Tulsa. Depending on the methodology used in programing of this will be the determing factor on how big these maps can get. I don't see where I can make a live 3d map without violating ingress terms and policies so I am leaving that on a side burner.